Who is Seirei No Senshi ?

Below is the Fursona Creation i made will suffering a sever migraine at 1 am :

Fursona Creation:

Name: Seirei no senshi

Translation: Spirit Warrior

Short name: Senshi

Species: Husky

Instrument: Shamisen

Height: 5:11

Weight: 160

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Armor Reference:

Helm/ Kabuto : https://www.a-janaika-japan.com/kabuto-rust-finish-34-ken-fukurinsuji- samurai-helmet-with-menpou-edo.html

  • –  The helm is a simple and less elaborate design then most kabuto’s. Colors are showing its age (rust and some color breaking through), Kuwagatadai will not carry a family crest for this moment but still have some decorations attached.
  • –  Menpou can go from the top jaw and can cover the face complete. Needs some room for the bottom jaw to move freely. Same color design as kabuto.Shamisen: http://bachido.com/overview/shamisen-styles
    Physical Appearance: the instrument is based on the “Jiuta” version. Colors can stay natural to the reference pic. Most of the time his instrument is strapped on his back.Head: Start with a Husky Base, needs to have the scratch from backstory below (this will go from right ear following the jaw line down end right underneath it) scratch needs to be prevalent to show but not crazy, there can be other little scares dotted around the head from other fights he has had (trying to show that he has seen a fair share of things and has risen higher). The Eyes will be a light grey color (both, trying to stay normal with this). Would like an option to add a custom “menpo” + “Kabuto”(Japenese Warrior Armor ) for different situations. Color of the fur would primary be #0c449e (Dark Blue) and the secondary color would be #0ece1e (Green or Dark Green) I have no idea what would look good on this (cannot color match for crap). Ears will be Pointy (must figure how that would work with the Kabuto (Probably stick through). Expression can show peace with himself and the world. If eyes can convey a message that he is ready for anything (a stare of to the horizon)
  • Likes:Hanging around with people
    Loves to go exploring randomly and whenever

Backstory: A husky who went through life bullied and tormented by the others. Raised to protect people who couldn’t protect themselves against the norm, he only ended up with two good friends going through life. His parents were never fond of his chose not to follow his father’s footsteps as a great Samurai or warrior but they were willing to let senshi find his own path in life. Senshi’s father was once a great warrior just like his father and father’s past, he stood for what was what a great man was meant to be, unfortunately times has changed and the need for such warriors have had faded into the history books but senshi knew not to disrespect such a person. His father taught Senshi on what being a warrior means and the respect for life and all that surrounds it. The major lessons that Senshi took away were Righteousness, Heroic Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Integrity, Honor, Duty and Loyalty, Self- Control. These lessons were what Senshi based his life around tried to live by. In his early years Senshi became very interested Computers and all things electronic, by the way he would look at the flashing circuitry his parents knew this would be his calling in life. On his 10th birthday Senshi’s parents purchased him his first windows PC running Windows 98, no this computer wasn’t the fastest computer on the market but he was more excited than ever to just tweak and play and learn. At the same time Senshi’s parents didn’t want him to become disconnected from his heritage and signed him up for Shamisen lessons for which he wasn’t that very pleased. Around this time Senshi was entering 6th grade where he would be meting what would be his only two friends for the rest of his school career (John and Donnie), John was a little Siberian husky with brownish gray fur and Donnie was an extremely tall Siberian husky that’s fur was almost gold in color. The main reason we became friends was our love over video games and computers but this also labeled us Geek and Nerd in the school system and nobody else would join use at the lunch table. Over the course of the years the friendship grew stronger and stronger and Senshi thought nothing would ever take his friends away from him. But life has a funny way of shaking things up,

The Big Change Up
Half way through Senshi’s 10th year his parents asked him to sit down at the Chabudai , this

seems a little weird to him. The last time he was asked to sit down a family member had passed, but this seemed different in every way. His parents started off with the small talk “how’s school, friends, grades”, but senshi knew something was awry and asked if everything was okay ? His parents asked if he would like to move to America with them ?. Time froze around senshi, everything was still and silent (Did he hear them right ? Move to America ? From Japan ? Away from my home ? Away from my friends ?) , time then returned back to normal like nothing happened and senshi was in shock and couldn’t process any answer or emotion that was acquitted. Senshi did a slight bow towards his parents, stood up and procced towards his room, just before he could open the door his father was standing in front of him and stated “Do you remember the lesson about Benevolence ?” Senshi knoned yes. His father stated again “I want to give you something, follow me son” senshi followed his father into his room and right next to his prize Samurai amour from when his used to where it. His father began to speak to his son and sayed “ Son what we asking you to do is no small feat and your mother and I completely understand that, but remember having benevolence towards your fellow man means we will do anything we can to make this easier on you if we can”. His father started to open the case that held his armor from so long ago, he mainly took out the kabuto and Menpo and set these pieces on the bamboo flooring in front of Senshi’s feet. “Son you have chosen a path that will lead you to happiness and peace throughout your life, but danger will ever be present. I want to bestow what my grandfather bestowed on to me so many years ago” He jested for his son to come of over to him and kneel down facing him. His father first placed the Kabuto over his son head and stated “ With this Helm your enemy’s will never have the chance to knock you down” then his father started to place the Menpo over his sons snout and stated “with this your enemies with never see you in the darkness”. His father then rised and bowed at his son, Senshi started to cry but managed to stand and bow back and with a final statement from his father “with this Senshi you are now a man, not a boy. I hope you can find strength in this amour like I have done throughout all my years”. Senshi replied back “ Father I will find strength to go on”, Senshi then hugged his father and proceed back to his room for the night.

One fait full day a big bully was messing with one of his friends, senshi stepped in to protect his friend from harm but the bully would have none of it. The bully was a good foot taller than Senshi and his paws were the size of his head alone, the bully swiped at senshi catching him on his right side leaving a gassed along his whole face. Senshi winched pain but stood strait back up and looked back at the bully start in the eye’s and stated, “you may be bigger them, you may me stronger than me, but my spirit beats with the heart of a warrior and I will always protect my friends and the people who need protecting from the people like you”. The bully didn’t like this and reacted by trying to swipe again at Senshi, but this time he anticipated his attack and countered with a single but eloquent take down move that would stun everyone around including the bully. Senshi stood over the bully and stated one more thing to the crowd of people who gathered to watch “If you take a lesson from this, remember what fighting leads to, what your singular actions can cause in another person’s life, treat people and life with respect and compassion”. Senshi then walked backed to his friend and both sat down at the lunch table to finish what they had started, Senshi started picked up his Shamisen and started to play a melo somber song when a single drop of blood hit the instrument, he stopped, looked and the droplet and thought “how fragile is life? and what extent was he going to go to defend his friends and people. The answers were right there in his mind, he would go all there was including death, it was what a warrior must do but a friend and a protector goes the extra length”. Senshi looked up at friend and started playing again, he smiled and said, “for you my friend anything”.


Ref Sheet :

Ref sheet produced by the awesome : Luca on FA

Headshot made by the awesome : Mawai Scott .

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